A History of POD Tomatoes

Over the past few summers tomatoes have increasingly become a bit of an obsession. The husband is known to mutter, “damn farmers” at least twice a day. Why? Because we urban gardeners are never happy. And, well, because there’s always something to complain about up there on deck. Especially when tomatoes are around.

So, here’s an abridged history of POD tomatoes over the years and a preview of topics to come.

Mr. Stripey (because the name was awesome). He was the very first and he came well started by the time I acquired the guy. The first year, it grew beautifully. Tons of luscious, juicy, sweet, tomatoes. Subsequent years? Some fungus or another (more on that tomorrow) took over before most fruits could be harvested.

Early Girl (because you many have noticed, this gardener can be impatient). Purchased in plant form. So-so yield, not particularly to our tastes. It was disease resistant, though.  Big Boy and and a Black Zebra succumbed to the fungus. There were a several other varieties sprinkled in there, but nothing was as phenomenal as that first Mr. Stripey.

2008: Nebraska Wedding, Gold Nugget, Purple Calabash, and Purple Cherokee All raised-from-seed determinates (more on that later).  Serious disaster. Maybe one thick-skinned Purple Calabash. That’s it.

2009: All cherries, all the time. Tune in for more…

An open appeal to Zone 7(ish) container gardeners: What tomato varieties work for you?


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