Poor Poblano

First, its hermano is murdered. Then, it contracts a thirst for nitrogen. Or, at least that’s what POD’s hoping. Poblano Segundo has been dosed with coffee and a little milk and we’re hoping for the best.

Feed me. Sincerely, Senor Poblano.
Feed me. Sincerely, Senor Poblano.

One thought on “Poor Poblano

  1. My peppers just sat there looking sad from the time I planted them the first week of June until about 2 weeks ago when they began to grow in earnest – it was just too danged cool this year…. did you know that all kinds of peppers are native to this continent? That means that the rest of the world didn’t have peppers (except for the ‘black peppercorn) until they were brought back from here! Think of all the cuisines dependent on peppers!

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