Support Hose

Melon SupportSo, you’ve got a container garden and you’re determined to grow melons. Good for you. If your garden is 15 feet off the ground, though, what happens when your perfectly ripened ball-shaped melons fall spontaneously off the vines?

Splat. That’s what.

This pair of well-worn and snagged tights are offering a much needed safety net to tomorrow’s melons.


3 thoughts on “Support Hose

    1. I may be (foolishly) attempting full-sized tomatoes again next year will will have to remember this if it seems necessary. My only worry might be that when it rains, it might hold too much moisture against the tomato…I’ve also been thinking about using the netting from those bags that lemons, limes, and potatoes often come in. That would eliminate the moisture worry.

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