Sharing Seeds

Seed packetsFortunately, my friends share their spoils.

POD snagged a few Kiwano melon seeds from this bounty — how could you turn down something described as follows:

“Very unusual fruit with spiny ‘horns.’ The green-yellow skin turns a bright deep orange when ready to harvest and the pulp resembles lime-green Jell-O.”

Oh yeah.


6 thoughts on “Sharing Seeds

  1. hey pod! do you happen to have any seeds leftover from those adorable little melons you grew last year? were they a french melon?

    1. Hey, startin.yer.garten at — I’m not sure, but I think I might have a few Minnesota Midgets to spare. I’ll take a look and let you know! I saved a few Charentais seeds, too. Interested?

  2. Hey Allison,

    I can spare a few Kiwano melon seeds for West Philly High. I’ve got more than I can use this year. I’ll get them to POD to get to you.


  3. Allison, I have seeds coming out of my ears! (I got a little carried away.) If you’d like to email me your address, I’ll send you some. I’ll ask BH if he can spare a few extra Kiwano melons, too. I suspect they’d be great for a high school garden. (plantsondeck at

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