Making a List

And checking it twice. It’s hard to believe as this week’s blizzard blows (please, read that as you will) but there were reasons for optimism last weekend. The sun was shining and the 40-degree temps were rapidly melting the blackened snow heaps still dotting Philly’s streets.  Plants On Deck Seed List

After reviewing a few previous posts, POD hunkered down with with a stack of seed catalogs and began dreaming. To save on shipping cost and distance, only two purveyors made this year’s cut. The winners were Cook’s Garden (Warminster, PA) and Happy Cat Organics (Elverson, PA). As wonderful as Territorial Seed Company and  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are, one is located in Oregon and the other in California and Missouri. Although D. Landreth (New Freedom, PA) had the coolest catalog, they didn’t offer the seaweed/fish fertilizer I vowed to try on this year’s garden.

Of course, there are enough seeds here for a multi-acre garden, but we won’t think about that.


8 thoughts on “Making a List

    1. You know, I suspect they are. I didn’t figure that out until after I’d placed the order. I was trying to support a small local companies this year — but I think it may have backfired a little. At least they’re a PA company, right?!

      1. I confirmed with my Mom today that they are. They have a retail area that’s open to the public when it gets warmer that I’m going to check out at some point I think. Like I said, it’s right near my house and even closer to my office.

  1. A note to self: Grr. Just because Cook’s Garden is a PA company, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t source its seeds from Holland, Germany, India, Oregon, etc… Next year, try harder to stay local.

  2. Indeed. And the only reason the tigger melon is crossed off is because I know there’s no way I can plant 3 different kinds of melons.

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