POD Adopted!

Black Brandywine Tomato Seedling
Brandywine Slurpee

Who could resist this orphaned Black Brandywine in a Slurpee cup?

This fella arrived courtesy of POD pal BH and his “BFF Mike McGrath”.

Evidently this thing is something of an oddball. Not quite heirloom, not quite not. If the interweb is to be believed, Black Brandywine tomatoes are indeterminates that may  exhibit both potato and regular leaves (evidence, evidently, of its uncertain roots) and “variable” flavor and texture.

We shall see.


2 thoughts on “POD Adopted!

  1. hah! love it. Mike also plied me with tomatoes called “tie dye,” “strawberry” and “amish paste.” Where do they come up with the names for these things?

    1. I have no idea. Next year, though, I think I’m going to aggressively seek out the strangest sounding plants I can find.

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