Heat Wave, Baby

It’s hot. Damn hot. And it’s just gonna’ get hotter.

The lettuce? It’s unhappy. (So are the kittens and humans, for that matter.) Anyhoo, it’s time to yank the spring mix and replace them with the summer mix.

Traditional gardening wisdom says that lettuce is a spring crop. And it is, but POD’s had decent luck planting heat-resistant varieties that provide yields throughout most of the summer. It’s best to position your lettuce container in an area that receives limited mid-day sun. Water daily. Maybe even twice daily. And that, dear gardeners, should keep you in salad all summer long.

Lettuce Trees
Lettuce Trees


Summer Lettuce Planted
The Future of Lettuce

4 thoughts on “Heat Wave, Baby

    1. Oh, my! This is crazy, isn’t it? I’ve been watering the cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes 2-3 times per day and shuffling the lemon cucumber (which seems to be the thirstiest of the crew) into the shade for the past couple of day. I feel like I can’t water them enough. How are your veggies faring?

  1. Oh hey! Here is a lettuce link, and I think you’ll find it very useful!


    Basically, Colorado State University grew 50 types of lettuce in the heat of summer, and took notes on how fast they bolted, and how resistant they were to disease. There’s a nice neat summary at the bottom if you don’t want to wade through the data–“These did best, these were second-best, avoid those.” It’s very useful!

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