Magnesium Miracle

Wow. Impressive. Apparently Isis was, indeed, suffering from a Magnesium deficiency. It’s hard to believe that just a week ago this plant:

Isis Candy Cherry Tomato
It's a June Miracle!

Looked like this:

Magnesium Deficiency
Magnesium Deficiency

To achieve this miraculous result, mix 1 tbs Epsom salts and 2 tbs organic fertilizer (like the stinky fishy stuff) with 1 gallon water. Spray the hell out of the plant(s) and dump the rest on/in the pot(s). I threw a handful of worm poop on the soil for good measure.


5 thoughts on “Magnesium Miracle

  1. Honestly, I was so pleasantly surprised by the result. Just good, old fashioned detective work and recipe modified from You Grow Girl. Grow on!

  2. That’s incredible! I wonder how many times people have seen that discoloration and not known what it was, or what to do about it! I’d have just thrown some Miracle-Gro on it and hoped for the best, and I don’t even know if that would would have helped. Excellent detective work there!

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