Compost It

bennett compost
bennett compost

It’s amazing how much compost two people, three cats, and a bunch of plants on deck can create. Being absolutely yardless, composting seemed like an impossible dream. (Gardeners have strange dreams.)

Until, that is, Bennett Compost came along. Each week this 5-gallon bucket is stuffed to overflowing and magically removed by the good people at Bennett Compost.

Dream big, people.


4 thoughts on “Compost It

  1. If you are concerned about composting poop, you should check out this series of articles on composting toilets installed at a school and 30 homes in the community of Rancho Nuevo outside of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They really work and have absolutely no odor. I used one for a week while living and helping the wonderful people who are building these. I liked it so much that I bought 2 of them and brought them back to install inside my home in the US. (Not in a remote cabin or an outhouse, but in my city home. )
    We could all help the environment by composting in this manner.

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