July Progress

Plants on Deck, July

Plants on Deck July 2010Plants on Deck July 2010

Plants on Deck, June

Plants on Deck, May


3 thoughts on “July Progress

    1. Ha! I do that all time! It’s not uncommon for cucumbers to send out male flowers first — usually the first 10-20 flowers are male and then the females come along. Keep on enjoying!

  1. Oh, that’s a good looking container garden.

    I’m having great fun with mine. Wish you luck with your cucumbers. So far, my plants are okay, although I have not had any female blossoms, so they may actually be off. I lost a zucchini plant to pests. I didn’t think anything would take out a zucchini.

    But all in all, I’m haveing a blast!

    Happy gardeing!

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