A Round, Orange Assistant

Loretta Likes Seed Catalogs, Too
Loretta likes seeds catalogs, too.

Last year seeds were sourced from a variety of seed companies. Unfortunately, the most local of those providers sent a packet of damaged radish seeds (which they replaced after a couple of nudges), a not a poblano, and scarlet runner beans that failed to germinate.

So this year, Seeds of Change carries the POD load.

3/8/11 UPDATE: Or, rather, POD wanted them to carry the load. Turns out their poblano was back-ordered [indefinitely], they were out of the black-seeded blue lake bean, the Kiara F-1 charentais hybrid was a bust, the Akito F-1 cucumber cost more than a night at the movies (for two), and not so much on the pea availability. Next year? Perhaps being virtuous will be abandoned in favor of big seed purveyors — thus reducing this gardener’s blood pressure significantly.


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