Mighty Melons

Seed List, MelonsPOD’s had mixed results with melons, but loves, loves, loves them. Last year just a few melons were harvested, but oh, how rewarding those melons were. Plus, fancy cucurbits are ridiculously expensive and difficult to find. Last year’s charentais was heavenly. But there was only one of them. Not one plant (well, that too) but one melon!

So this year:

Kiara F-1: “High quality true French charentais with authentic flavor. Strong vines provide excellent fruit protection…resistant to fusarium wilt 0, 1, 2; intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.” ARRRRRGGGG! And, the folks at Seeds for Change are totally letting POD down. Not available. Back to the drawing board. So annoyed. Since POD’s become so attached to the notion of charentais flavor in the sturdy form of a disease-resistant hybrid, Park Seeds answered the call: “Measuring about 4 1/2 inches in diameter, French Orange Hybrid is a superb eating experience and a great change of pace from cantaloupes and honeydews. The vines are very disease-tolerant for even bigger, healthier yields.”

Sprite: Hey, Diana, wanna’ trade? Lemme’ know and we can work something out.

These beauties will be started inside about 3-4 weeks (say, late April-ish) before being transplanted into light, well-drained, warm 65 degree soil with a pH of 6.0 and above.  Mulch well.


2 thoughts on “Mighty Melons

  1. Hi! Geez, sorry to reply so late; I haven’t checked your blog lately. Also sorry that I can’t trade you any Sprite melon seed-I planted them all! But I can give you the eBay link where I bought them:
    You only get five seeds, but I couldn’t find them anywhere else. Maybe you can, though! They also sent a free pack of another melon, which you can read about here:
    I have no idea if this retailer is reliable, but they certainly look like melon seeds at least, and both varieties have already sprouted!
    I CAN send you some Sakata seeds that I saved from a fruit last year. Warning: I grew cucumbers last year, and also a canteloupe, and there’s a fair chance that these seeds went and crossbred on me. I don’t know myself, I just crossed my fingers and planted a ton of them. I have very many of them–if you’re interested, I’ll surely send some to you. I also have some other kinds of seeds that may be good for patio plantings…let me look at what I have and I’ll get back to you by tomorrow!

    1. Good luck with your seedlings! I really only have room for one pot of melons, so I’ll wait and see how my hybrids do. I look forward to seeing how your Sakatas make out.

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