Noble Uses

Winterbor KaleRemember the heroic kale? Well, it’s a medal of honor contender…

Hello, Chips of Deliciousness.


Night Terrors

Things are, perhaps, a tiny bit behind schedule in the world that is plants on deck. It’s time to get back on track. Sleep is being lost. And that’s serious business.

Smoking Time Jazz Club
Smoking Time Jazz Club

After a lovely bonus evening’s (thanks overbooked airline!) happy hour oysters and an unspeakably delicious dinner in the Crescent City’s CBD, a leisurely bat-tastic wander around the Quarter, and a strangely unsuccessful attempt to catch one last show on Frenchman, POD’s minder and endurer retired rather early to the classy airport Ramada for a nap before rising at an hour when vampires haven’t even begun to worry about daybreak.

A full three (3!) hours before the series of alarms were scheduled to go off — and after only two restless hours “sleep” — the image of wilting, thirsty, leggy seedlings popped into this sleep-averse brain.

April SeedlingsGardening night terrors. Seriously?

“Damn gardeners,” muttered the endurer.

And so, just hours ago, the grow light has been restored, a healthy dose of water added (and immediately wicked up through the pots) and the fancy new French Orange hybrid melons have joined the tomatoes and poblanos.

Bad Blogger

Bad blogger. Bad gardener. The past couple of weeks have been nuts in PODland. It’s good to be back. And it only makes sense that these hands would dive into the dirt today, with yesterday marking the bi-yearly sojourn to the nail salon for a delightful (and much needed) little mani/pedi action.

So we’re off to a late start, but that’s okay, as it seems spring in South Philly is off to late start, too. While these tomatoes should have probably been started a couple of weeks ago, we’ll just have to make do.

Sweetheart of the Patio, Tomande, Gold Nugget, Patio Princess
The Lineup

Introducing Patio Princess, Sweetheart of the Patio, and Tomande. Welcome back, Champ (Gold Nugget). Grow well.

Dirt Bag
Dirt Bag

And instead of relying on whatever leftover soil that could be excavated from the little blue deck and the basement, this year’s collection enjoys a lux home. And while while peat pots aren’t POD’s favorite, here’s hoping this year’s experiments with bottom-watering will keep them happily moist.