What’s In a Name?

Melon French Orange Hybrid. How lame is that? Someone, please, come up with a good one for this year’s melon.Whatcha’ got?

melon french orange hybrid seedling
Name me, please.

75 days from now we should be seeing some fruit off these tough, disease-resistant vines. A conundrum: cucurbits dislike having their roots disturbed during the transplanting process, but the fruits need a while to mature. Which makes direct-seeding the way to go root-wise but that’s less optimal ripening-wise. What’s a gardener to do? Well, these were seeded a few weeks ago in peat pots and the bottoms of the pots were carefully removed just prior to transplanting on Wednesday, allowing the roots to roam freely and unmolested.


5 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. How about Tangerine’s Dream? lol 🙂
    Hope your plants are doing well.
    My Early Girl tomatoes are fruiting, yay!
    New reader and enjoying your blog. Wish
    there were more photos, but that’s just me,
    I am a photographer 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

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