Rumble in the Jungle

MiracleGro Tomande
Miracle Tomande

Remember the MiracleGro vs. Organic experiment? At the risk of losing my greenie status, Round 1 goes decisively to the MiracleGro Tomande — whose thick hearty stalk, big healthy leaves, and prolific blossoms totally kick Organic’s scrawny, curly (nutrient deficient?), flowerless butt.

Organic Tomande
Organic Tomande

2 thoughts on “Rumble in the Jungle

  1. Hi there! I apologize for neglecting your blog this year–I lost my bookmarks, couldn’t remember what you’d named it (my brain kept coming up with “The Philadelphia Experiment” and goofy things like that) and then I remembered that you’d left your address on one of my old posts. Mystery solved! I’m having lots of fun backreading.

    I love that electronic device that measures nutrients in the soil–I had no idea that anything like that even existed. And you have a baby? Good grief, congratulations, you have really been busy!

    As to this post, those pictures are just plain damning; there’s no other word for it. That shouldn’t be happening. Okay, what’s the organic soil/fertilizer missing? Any guesses?

    1. Oh how I wish I knew! I tossed in a few generous handfuls of organic 5-3-4 fertilizer and some coffee-ground enriched water for additional nitrogen, but I haven’t been able to find leaves that look quite like these to more accurately diagnose the problem. And as you noticed, the little deck hand cuts into my research time pretty significantly!

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