Cucumber Count

Even if the heat decides to wreak its havoc on the little blue deck, it’s been a good cucumber year, as you can see.

plants on deck cucumbers, White WonderSpacemaster: 7
Adam F1: 13 (RIP)
White Wonder: 12

And, for any first-time cucumber growers who might be out there, here’s a few picking tips for ya’:

  • Harvest cucumbers early in the morning, before they’ve been over-warmed by the sweltering sun.
  • Refrigerate immediately. Happily, they seem to survive storage for at least a week.
  • Tend to your cucurbits daily — leaving just one cucumber on the vine (they’re sneaky, so look closely) will halt production.



2 thoughts on “Cucumber Count

  1. Oops, never mind; I see you already reviewed their flavor and it was nothing to write home about. Too bad, I like the way they look.

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