A Final Accounting

saucy tomatoesIt’s been a good year, and despite the late-season arrival of whiteflies, earthquakes, hurricanes (we’re not talking about the toddler variety, here, but rather the other, even more devastating type), floods, and mildews, Plants on Deck endured. And endured well, actually.

It shames this gardener to admit it, but nearly a dozen White Wonder cucumbers got composted after slowing deflating in the crisper into a gushy goo and a half dozen others are still withering away in the office fridge (come on, colleagues, eat up!). Over 40 cucumbers, all told, were harvested from a single vine. And, despite early reports of a dry, squashy texture and flavor, later-season fruits weren’t too bad.

And it was with great delight that over 15 pounds of tomatoes were plucked. Fret not, none of those went to waste. They weren’t the prettiest girls at the party (as you can see above), but we’re firm believers here at POD that it’s what’s under the pock-marked skin that matters. And these particular ladies were pretty dreamy in this simple, no-frills sauce.


2 thoughts on “A Final Accounting

  1. I sympathize with your cucumber story. I grow lemon cucumbers in particular, because a family member avidly requests them every year. But once they start ripening at a steady rate, she loses interest and they just pile up in the crisper. I’m not sure if she doesn’t like cucumbers as much as she thinks, or she just doesn’t like the ones I grow and she’s too polite to say so! 😀

    1. Isn’t it an absolute shame? I felt terrible then and now, of course, in these early days of winter, I’m absolutely kicking myself. What I wouldn’t give for a fresh-off-the-vine cucumber. (Next year tell the family member whose eyes are bigger than her stomach that she has to at least take them so you can believe they’ve been eaten with grateful abandon.)

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