Rabbit Food

By the time November rolls around, the deck’s greenery is largely tucked away for a long winter’s nap. Despite lofty cool-weather intentions, increasingly (and depressingly) shorter days and a north-facing, shade-plagued exposure, puts quite the damper on gardening pleasures.

Hours in the day have been shrinking since early June (despite 4 a.m. tornado-siren wake-ups from a certain little hurricane), and what plants are on deck have been utterly and entirely neglected since their September 18 seeding.

So it’s a happy surprise that tonight’s dinner consists of a nice green salad, peppered with happy little radishes.


One thought on “Rabbit Food

  1. Yes, a bit sad when you’re down to the last few plants– I have one collard plant and few tiny boy choi persisting through the cold (and one surprise snow storm). Time to start planning for next year!

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