Faster Than a Hurricane

First, a few words about the art. Taken by POD’s housemate (the male one, not the toddler), this image captures not only an impressive ginger shoot, but also, proof-of-life style, dates the image to the February issue of GQ. Which arrived in January.

And just moments ago the GQ hit the curb for recycling and the rhizome was finally planted. Around here, at least, that’s how long it takes to place a chunk of ginger on a bed of soil.

According to Don’t Throw it, GROW IT!, the resulting plant will resemble bamboo and in six weeks may be as tall as three feet. Which means there’s at least one thing in the house that will grow faster than a toddler.


6 thoughts on “Faster Than a Hurricane

    1. Yeah, the book’s a little unclear on that count. It says, “To use ginger, carefully slice off about an inch from the end of the rhizome and peel off the skin.” the thing is, the existing rhizome is too withered to be of any use. So I’m hoping it expands a bit after a few months. I suppose I could google it, but that seemed like too much work yesterday.

  1. If your ginger is super successful and you need to share, I can always use some more! Maybe I should just plant some too. šŸ™‚

    1. I’ll let you know how it works. I’m optimistic. If nothing else, I hope it yields enough to eliminate annoying emergency ginger runs to the Asian market. Which happen around here.

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