radish seedlingsWell, it seems the results of our March 4 planting are mixed. Several (but not all) radishes sprouted in the window boxes and all the peas popped, but the lettuce and chard were both busts.

Since that planting, though, we suffered a freeze, which probably didn’t help. And to be fair, the dirt’s tired and the seeds are 3-6 years old. Maybe it’s time to clean out the seed stock and start anew? Then again, maybe it’s just time to try again, one month later…


2 thoughts on “Inconsistency

  1. Hello! I see you’re gearing up for another season! And you have a little helper too! I wish your family good luck and health this coming year.
    Yeah, I read that lettuce seeds have a short lifespan, so a fresh packet will probably produce better results. It was something like, for every year that passes, 50% of them go “bad”.
    Hey, you might want to grow Sprite melons this year! I had great luck with them last year, though I never did a complete writeup on them because I never got around to them. Large plant, forms a mat of vines about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide, small melons about the size of an orange or apple. They don’t have edible skin like the Sakatas, but they are very prolific and sweet; I grew it in a big container and just had loads of fruit. Sweet and crunchy!

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