We Live in Strange Times

Last year, spring sprang late.

The year before, it sprang and ran.

sad celebrity tomatoes

And this year’s just a bewildering, disconcerting, and unsettling mess of a spring. These travel-stressed and sunlight-starved Celebrities made their debut just yesterday. But we’re looking at an 88 degree afternoon. Which is hot. Too hot, POD thinks. When the heat of the day hits, they’ll be coming inside for an afternoon rest. (Thanks, Endurer.)

Which is, you know, insane.


2 thoughts on “We Live in Strange Times

  1. We’re having unusual weather, too! Last spring and the one before it were long, late and cold, so I built this light-closet thing to raise seedlings and older plants in. I was thinking that i’d have to keep the tomatoes inside until May. And what do you know, this year I don’t need it! It hasn’t become hot, like where you are, but it has been unusually mild, with no wind or frost or sharp freezes. I made those Saran-Wrap tomato cage things again this year, but yesterday I decided to take them down. I don’t think we’re going to have a late frost any more than we’re going to have an earthquake! But I hope it doesn’t get too hot where you live. That has negative effects on both seedlings and people.

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