Dead Mint

rooting spearmint from cuttingsDidn’t think it was possible, but you can kill mint.

So, with the encouragement of the Endurer, POD’s minder took over a swath of the local pocket park and is in the process of transforming it into an herb garden. (The logic was: if there’s something edible out there, something rewarding,  it won’t seem like such a gigantic pain in the ass to water. And there’ll be  less bitching.) So far mint, thyme, tarragon, lemon balm, basil, parsley, and Thai basil have successfully taken root. As there’s spearmint growing happily in a window box, it seemed logical to give water rooting a try, because who wants to spend more money on starts. Of spearmint. Which is, you know, like a weed.rooting spearming from cutting

But it didn’t work.

Still, it seems like it should, so there’s another round in store. This time, instead of serving as a table centerpiece, we’ll see if a little windowsill action (and therefore, sunlight) might help things along. We’ll also make sure the growth nodes (those little nubbins seen at the base of the photograph above) are a little more pronounced, and that there are more of them. If it doesn’t work this time, there’s one more method to try out…


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