Pretty Peas

peasThose Tom Thumb peas planted back in March are looking pretty good. Not that that means we’ll get more than one pea pod per plant. Which would be almost enough for the Hurricane’s lunch. But hey, stuff’s growing.


Then vs. Now

HelloKittyThere was a day when this NYT article would send POD to the interwebs, credit card in hand. Experiments to be run! Obsessing to be done!

Creepy garden owls? Oh, yeah.

Garden Gnome Drones? Tee hee.

The VegiBee? Puhlease!!! (Actually, I’m itching for this one, just a little.) [Edt postscript: the Endurer points out that, um, “itching” as an adjective to describe one’s desire for a vegetable vibrator shouldn’t really be used together. At least not in a family-friendly blog.]

Now? The Hello Kitty watering can is about all that gets experimented with these days. “No, Hurricane, not the sidewalk, the peas, the peas! No, no, not Amma’s shoes, no, the peas, the peas!” (Note: the young gardener chose her footgear wisely.)

Outside, Amma!

The windows are open and cheeks are pink. Woo hoo.

With any luck, photographic evidence will follow soon, but Plants on Deck is live for 2013. And the plants out front are stylin’ in brand-new lemon yellow window boxes. Thanks, dearest Endurer for building them, and thanks, Hurricane Ye, for the inspired color choice.


  1. Paris Market carrots — 19th century French heirloom, early red-orange golf-ball carrot. (Probably should have planted these a few weeks ago, but we do what we can these days.)
  2. Cherry Belle and random mixed radishes
  3. Mesclun salad mix
  4. Bright Lights Swiss chard
  5. Rainbow blend carrots


  1. Beam’s Yellow Pear tomatoes: Seed packet sez: “Introduced to Seed Savers Exchange in 1983 by John Hartman of Indiana. Our favorite when we compared 25 different yellow pears in 1998. Endless supply of 1 1/2″ fruits with great flavor. Ideal for salads.” And Hurricane Ye.


  1. Early Girl tomaotes, courtesy of Gurney’s Seed and Nursery.