Give Us Strength

imageIt’s been nearly three weeks since the peas were planted and yesterday’s 14-inches of polar vortex-induced snowfall, and today’s single digit temps, made these little guys a welcomed site. Nothing like a little splash of green against a wintery backdrop to perk a couple of gals up.

At this point, the ultimate success or failure  of the pea shoots experiment is irrelevant. They make us happy.

Celery Flats

growing celery indoorsIf memory serves, POD’s not-too-distant relatives toiled in southwest Michigan’s celery flats. Fast forward a few generations, travel several hundred miles to the east, bunker in for yet another nippy weekend and growing celery indoors doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. growing celery indoorsThis Pennsport gardener and her trusty knife-wielding sidekick hacked off the end of a nice fresh bunch and stuck it in a bowl of warm water. With any luck, fresh shoots and roots will emerge in a week or so.

New Year’s Shoots

Nothing says, “time to plant!” like a good, old-fashioned cold snap. Between the arrival of seed catalogs, plummeting temperatures, and a respectable layer of crunchy snow, the folks at Plants on Deck found themselves a little stir-crazy.

And after a nearly unsuccessful expedition along ice-covered South Philly sidewalks/pavements (detouring to climb a treacherous Mt. Herron)  to the local garden store for potting mix, supplies for pea shoot planting were procured.

planting pea shoots
Step 1: Unearth shallow planting receptacle from storage facility (AKA: the nasty, garden-equipment-strewn basement)
planting pea shoots
Step 2: Task assistant with pouring pea seeds into special sprouter. (AKA: little stir-crazy hurricane and Festive Fiesta bowl.)
planting pea shoots
Step 3: While the peas soak for a day or two in 60-70 degree water (rinse and re-soak them in fresh water every 8-12 hours or so), dump potting mix into your pot. (Note the high-tech bag: it took both ingenuity and a round of “Nope, I’m not paying that for that” to buy soil from a GARDENING STORE.)
planting pea shoots
Step 4: Gently smooth and lovingly tamp the soil down. (AKA: play in the dirt – it feels good.)
planting pea shoots
Step 5: Scatter pea seeds on top of the soil and cover with about 1/4″ of soil. Water. Wait. (AKA: the “Are they ready yet?” phase. Also: evidently whole, not split, supermarket peas work just as well, but the grocery shelves were bare and all these gardeners could find were last spring’s leftover Tom Thumbs. In other words, for sprouting purposes, feel free to pack ’em in way tighter than seen here.)