Making a List: Part I

raised bed gardenThe only containers may be full of geraniums this year, but that does’t mean POD has been taking it easy. We’re yanking weeks, tossing grubs to the birds, scything the lawn, sweating, and working on almighty red necks and farmers tans. Happily, the Endurer was kind enough to wrap up a marathon moving weekend by hacking together the first of many raised beds.

In the end, POD’s two-bed shopping list looked like this: 12 1x8x8 cedar (no chemical treatments and, we hope, fairly weather-resistant) boards, 8 5′ rods of electrical conduit (inexpensive supports for the 8′ sides), 16 2″corner brackets, and two cubic yards of dirt. Although the wallet was about $400 lighter, one hopes that unlike container gardening of yore, this will be a investment that pays off in no time.

All of this set the stage for this gardener to enjoy her Mother’s Day weekend by doing a little digging. Which ended up being a lot of digging, but that’s another story for another time.


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