Who Needs a Rain Barrel…

FullSizeRender (3)…when they have a kiddie pool?

Good thing the Hurricane loves the darn thing, because this gardener isn’t quite so sure. After seven days of hot and heavy pool use, poor Rubber Duckie, and her water, called it quits.

About a 100 pails later, the ever-growing garden is well-watered with rich algae juice — and there’s still about 50 pails to go. Not to mention a date with with a pail, scrub brush, and bleach solution.

Whose brilliant idea was this pool? Nana’s. Whose brilliant idea was buying the biggest kiddie pool possible? Um, yeah. Not Nana.future rain barrel

That said, the amazing contractor who has insulated the attic and who will soon install a new Energy Star roof, dropped off a nice big barrel full of possibilities. Stay tuned for DIY rain barrel instructions.

And perhaps a water pump will make it onto the shopping list.



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