What’s Plants On Deck?

It’s my hope that this site will provide a space for city gardeners to share successes, mourn failures and most of all, exchange ideas. Comments? Suggestions? Send ’em my way — comments are always welcome or you can email me at plantsondeck at gmail.com.

There are plenty of resources out there for urban gardeners, but you have to seriously search for reliable, tested information. Growing tired of weeding through pages and pages of text only to discover a paragraph on container gardening, this gardener decided to give blogging a shot. And you’ll find, I hope, lots of information and trial-and-error gardening tips.

July 2010 Plants on Deck
Plants on Deck, July 2010

Plants On Deck began on a 10×10 bright blue deck built atop our little row home’s roof in South Philadelphia. After moving to Pennsport in 2003, my lovely husband and wonderful father built my elevated yard, knowing that I couldn’t live in a world without dirt.

In 2015, after 19 great years in the City of Brotherly Love, POD put down roots in East Nashville, Tennessee. Hello, Music City.


7 thoughts on “What’s Plants On Deck?

  1. LOVE IT! What a terrific use of space. While I have a good size yard in my SW Portland, OR home, I still utilize more space on my deck with containers. Tomatos, cukes, and herbs are currently thriving in about 10 pots lining the space.
    My goal this year was to get everyone I knew, even apartment and condo dwellers to plant ONE veggie or herb plant in a container to help make the community a better place.
    I’m trying to figure out how I can use my pitched roof to enlarge my garden area. That idea may have to wait until the next house comes along! 🙂
    Keep up the amazing work. I’ve added your site to my favorites!


    1. Thanks so much, Julie! You’re absolutely right. I just bought a little self-watering pot for an extremely busy friend who travels a ton. She lives in Chicago and her 2×4′ condo balcony doesn’t leave much room for gardening. In that little container I planted some Thai basil, tarragon, and rosemary — so, at the very least, she can spice up her vegetarian meals with a little home-grown green.

  2. This is totally awesome!!! What a great use of space. I am so glad to see I have a fellow South Philly Gardener!

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