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Mostly Dead

adam f1 cucumberAbout a month ago, the Adam F1 (which was supposed to be resistant to just about every fungus and wilt known to cucumber) was left for dead. Then it rained. And it was only mostly dead. So, we do what we do here at plants on deck. We water and we wait and see what happens.

Adam f1 cucumberIn this case,  apparently, lots of cucumbers is what happens.

Adam Dies

Dead AdamExactly as it did last year, the Adam F1 cucumber produced a handful of truly delicious fruits, then withered and died. POD’s looking forward to a new set of seeds next year.

A Year Ago Today…

…POD was lamenting the aphid infestation that wiped out the cucumbers and melons. And the looper infestation, that wiped out the chard. And the whitefly infestation that wiped out the tomatoes. And, well, you get the picture.

This year, knock on the little blue deck, hasn’t been half bad, pest-wise. But now there’s this heatwave thing. And this whole lack of rain thing. And the whole taking off for a long weekend with 100+ temps in the forecast thing.

Adam F1 and White Wonder Cucumber

Poor Adam

So, enjoy those cucumbers while they last.  Remember Adam F1? There’s a seriously good chance that it’s been over-watered  or it’s got bacterial wilt. But either way, it’s wilty and yellowing.  It’s a pickle, isn’t it? One waters to protect plants from the hideous heat. Both water and heat can kill…so, to water or not?

It’s been a productive and delicious plant: 11 and counting. But POD fears its days are limited.

Holy Hot

Adam F1, White Wonder, French Orange Melon Hybrid (left to right)

Adam F1, White Wonder, and C. Borealis (left to right)

And to think, these cucurbits were watered just seven hours ago. And that’s what 97 degrees plus a dark blue deck gets ya. Yes, everything got a second dose.

hot, thirsty spacemaster cucumber

So thirsssty.