Spuds Sprouting

spuds sprouting

It only took about a week longer than anticipated, but the French fingerlings say, “‘Allo!” Vigilance has been employed and the soil has been kept (more or less) consistently moist, yet somehow not soggy.

Happily, Plants on Deck just received a delivery of Bennett Compost, so  in other couple of weeks, rich handfuls of Bennett’s best will be hilled around the growth.


Bennet's Compost
kitten investigates compost

As the first slush falls from Philadelphia’s seemingly ever-gray skies, it’s tough to think happy gardening thoughts.

Happily, though, thanks to a tip from November’s Grid magazine, all of POD’s degradable kitchen scraps will find their way into a spiffy five-gallon bucket, courtesy of Bennett Compost.

With any luck, a bucket or two of rich compost will find its way back to POD.