Baby Bumblebee

I’m bringin’ home my baby bumblebee,
won’t my Mama be so proud of me?

I’m bringin’ home my baby bumble bee,
Ouch! It stung me.

BumbleBeeThe Hurricane, loves, loves, loves, the bumblebee song. If you aren’t familiar with the masterpiece, ┬ácount your blessing. It’s an earworm. She also spent the better part of a year as a Bumblebee at school. Which means she’s kinda’ fascinated (AKA obsessed) by them.

You know, like other gardeners in POD-land. It was a relief to see this fuzzy guy, as bees have been a little scarce this summer and hand pollination can be a drag. While there are only a couple female blossoms on the poor cucumber, at least they’ll get some attention.