Peppers To The Front!

sun-starved peppersIn the “Hey, Self” department: peppers to the front! It’s been an educational month since the plants hit the beds. In just a month, the wee starts and teeny seeds have all but exploded.

The Kentucky Wonder pole beans exceeded their 5′ poles and are climbing amongst the Silver Queen corn, the so-called bush cucumbers (freebies from Gardens of Babylon) are anything but bushy (but they’re spreading like kudzu), Athena melons are creeping across the lawn (not sure how that corner’s getting mowed), a lush (but largely flowerless) Mr. Stripy gives me both hope and pause, and the bush beans are nearly toppling over their own weight.

Here’s the thing: as beans are generally anemic, stunted, doomed plants here at Plants On Deck, I planted the bush variety to the front of the bed, thinking the strong peppers, located just behind, would soar above them, taking the light they needed.

Evidently, these Kentucky Wonders and Purple Royals are a little better suited to Tennessee’s soil than to Philadelphia’s and to raised bed gardens than to gallon buckets. Their vigorous growth has far out-paced that of the peppers, leaving them entirely in the dark.

Move it or lose it, I figured, and just yesterday I yanked the peppers, redistributing them into the sunny herb garden. The three empty squares have already been seeded with spinach, because hey, why not?bell pepper plant

Sunny Days

May Radishes
May Radishes

Last month’s radishes are all making their way into tonight’s salad and one last planting has been seeded — because in a month or so, the little blue window boxes need to sprout sage and some bright flowery things.

And on deck, the first rotation of Provider Snap bush beans have been planted. The soil pH is a tiny bit low, but the Rapid Test tell us that the fertilizer levels are just dandy.

Rapid Test soil pH and fertilizer tester
New Toys

(And out of curiosity, the pots filled with last year’s soil were tapped out. Completely. Barren. No good. No surprise.) Anyway, around June 1, another two containers of Providers will join these guys — encouraging, one hopes, a pretty steady stream of tasty green beans.