With a Mighty Triumph O’er Her Foes

early girl tomato blossomYup, up from the grave she arose. This brave, and now tardy, Early Girl managed to survive early planting (the poor dear was delivered in early April — way too early in POD’s experience to be planting tomatoes in Philly), crap soil (which, after a full refund was augmented with a good deal of organic fertilizer), and Hitchcockian bird attacks.

You’re looking at the one, and only, plant on late early girl tomatodeck. Sheer laziness (and good deep-soil planting technique, thank you very much) was its savior, as this gardener was far too despondent about the prospect of the total failure of Plants on Deck to bother removing it. And it’s a good thing, too, as the three sizable and just ripening tomatoes out front were stolen away in the dark of night by one of South Philly’s charming pedestrians.

Earliest Tomato Failure

Ex Early GirlThe good folks at Plants on Deck are decidedly too busy these days to go through the ordeal of starting plants from seed. Last year, despite their early arrival, the Celebrity tomatoes from Gurney’s worked like a charm. This year, the resistant-to-everything Early Girls arrived even earlier. Like, in early April. And unlike last year, this has been a cool and rather delightfully long-lasting spring. Even though the seedlings hung out in an indoor/outdoor fashion for a week, it was still too cold and too early and two out of three have kicked it.

Although the Am Ex has been credited, Early Girls were out of stock and POD’s back to the drawing board.

So, a trip to the Depot resulted in a new, green and hearty-looking tomato.

Bad blogger confession: The tag got pitched. No clue what the thing is!

Note to Self and other zone 7 gardeners: When ordering starts, specify a May delivery date!