Tomato Woes, Part I

Brown Black Cherry Leaves

Any experts out there? Anyone who can tell me what kind of ailment this might be? I’ve visited all my usual diagnostic haunts but haven’t come up with anything terribly promising.

Maybe leaf tip burn caused by over-fertilizing? Or maybe it’s the complete opposite and it’s a nutrient deficiency?

This chocolate cherry was planted in organic potting soil, augmented with a handful of worm casings and a couple of crushed eggshells. It has received near-weekly doses of water mixed with fish emulsion fertilizer and a couple servings of diluted milk.

Or, maybe it’s just damage from the gale-force winds and the chilly nights that the little blue deck has been enduring this month?

Should I lay off the weekly feeding? Should I feed them more? Should I stop obsessing and trust they’ll heal themselves? (Riiiight) Help!