Mighty Kale

Winterbor KaleThe winterbor kale overwintered marvelously and will continue enjoying POD real estate until it’s time to tuck tomatoes into its home.

Although the last harvest was in November, kale’s a gratifying addition to a tiny gardening space. Because it can survive temperatures well below freezing and becomes even more flavorful after a frost, it works perfectly as a late fall/early spring crop. (This batch was planted as a set in early October 2009.) It’s just so satisfying to put home-grown greens on the table in dreary November and again in optimistic April — it’s even more delightful when you know the pots would have otherwise been left vacant.

Not only that, but kale’s one of those superfoods: you know, a heroic food that simultaneously fights cancer, strengthens bones, bests cataracts, and it may even ward off dementia. (We’ll see about that.)