Got a Guerrilla?

Tell POD all about it! Better yet, show me.

Celebrate freedom: start a guerrilla garden. For a gardener without a garden, this grower always keeps an eye open for guerrilla-style gardens. You know, great green things sprouting from unexpected places.

Send a picture of your vegetable guerrilla (and its general location) to plantsondeck AT gmail DOT com. I’ll post it on the brand-new Got a Guerrilla page.

Pennsport Guerrilla
Grilled Guerrilla -- Pennsport, Philadelphia.
Fabric Row Guerrilla Garden
Not-So-Junk-Drawers -- Fabric Row Guerrilla Garden, Philadelphia.
Queen Village Guerrilla
Guerrilla Garden -- Queen Village, Philadelphia.
Bella Vista Guerrilla
Tough Guerrilla Kale -- Bella Vista, Philadelphia.
Bella Vista Guerrilla
Trashy Tomatoes -- Bella Vista, Philadelphia.