Interloping Loopers

cabbage looperSurrounding the ailing Black Brandywine tomato were a few ailing arugula and chard shoots. (They’ve since been yanked). Clearly something was eating them, and it wasn’t us.

One of the great advantages to roof deck container gardening is the relative absence of pests. No snails, no slugs, and only the very occasional tomato hornworm. Strangely, though, these tell-tale holes began appearing. Hmmm. After some close communing with the undersides of leaves, this lone worm was discovered.

What is it? Although it’s impossible for this gardener to say for certain, it sure looks like the larva of a cabbage looper. But it could be something else, who knows.

This looper was extinguished (and no others were found) and a close eye will be kept on the rest of the garden.

cabbage looper worm
Let me at it!