POD Had a Plan

Sure, it might be the tiniest bit early to be thinking about seeds, but snow’s on the ground and temps are plummeting.  And Plants on Deck has been dormant for far too long.

radish blossom
first they bloomed

These radishes began their journey nine months ago. They bloomed. They developed pods. They dried. They were husked. Over 300 seeds were rescued from the dried stalks of just two  radishes (a roseheart and a long scarlet). At last year’s prices those 300 seeds would have cost $37.50.

radish pods
POD pods

dried radish pods
dried radish pods
300 radish seeds
and that's 300+ seeds

(And a special thanks to bethysmalls for an adorable seed envelope.)


Scarlet Nantes
Scarlet Nantes

These sweet, sweet Scarlet Nantes carrots (planted in early May) and super-spicy Long Scarlet radishes (planted in mid-August) provided a welcomed harvest this past weekend. A second crop of Long Scarlets has already been sowed.

Long Scarlet radishes
Long Scarlet radishes
Long Scarlet radish and Scarlet Nantes carrot
The Scarlets