Hope Springs

A mere 10 days ago, Provider Snap beans were planted. Happily, one of the twoprovider snap bean has already emerged. And in two to three weeks, a couple more pots will be sown — in the hopes of a nice, steady, bountiful stream of green beans.

maestro shelling peaRemember March? Just about two months ago to the day, this lovely Maestro was planted. If the cool temps persist, it may be pea season pretty soon.


Peas Podded

Sorry, so bad in so many directions. Couldn’t resist.

Peas in a pot, on POD
Peas in a pot, on POD

Planting Peas

Peas are a new experiment for Plants on Deck and, according to the Philadelphia County Cooperative Extension, the time is ripe for planting. Prussian Blue Peas, courtesy of Bartram’s Garden will, one hopes, wind their way up POF’s handrail and the Maestros will grace the little blue deck. Peas don’t transplant particularly well, so they’ve been direct-seeded in rich soil with a pinch of rhizobium, a little organic fertilizer and a few tablespoons of coffee grounds to boost the soil’s nitrogen levels.

Here’s hoping we can harvest these lovelies before the precious real estate is required for heat-loving melons, tomatoes, and cucumbers!