POD’s a Believer

marigold trap cropThey’re not sweet-smelling or particularly pretty, marigolds. But they’re totally the new favorite flower here at plants on deck. These poor posies (which cost a whoppin’ 10¢  for four, thanks sales rack!) have been sacrificed to the garden gods, but their work here is done.

Go trap crop marigold. May you rest in heroic peace and may your survivors ward off the evil aphid.

Bug Week!

LadybugAfter spending so much time on nasty, awful, horrible, stinky, invasive, crop-killing pests, it’s time to give a shout-out to all the good bugs out there. Please welcome Ms. Lady. ladybug

This little lady beetle was enjoying the lush green basil (which happens to be pest free) so she was moved over to the aphid-infested boothby blonde cucumber to work her aphid-eating magic.