Paltry Peas

6_16_14punypeasOh, how we love English shell peas. This year was going to be the year that that an honest-to-goodness yield would be enjoyed. Approximately 15 of the 20 peas ‘n a pot plants germinated, but the plants were so teeny tiny (they rose to the dizzying height of 3-4″ — which is puny, even for a dwarf) that each produced one one or two pods, with 2-5 peas each. Which means we harvested about a 1/4 cup of peas.

Boo. Here’s the thing: if you can believe it, they may have been, GASP, over-watered. Excessive hydration is rarely a probably for POD, but the Hurricane helper happens to love hoses and water. So you know, things happen. For future reference, though, here’s a handy how-to from the University of Minnesota.

6_16_14peaharvestThese little guys were planted in mid-April and harvested this week. Which, thankfully, lined up perfectly with the bag o’ peas from Greensgrow’s CSA. Which mean’s the Endurer enjoyed a lovely Father’s Day dinner of seared scallops with uber locally-grown herbs, peas with fresh-picked mint, and lemon strawberry bars for dessert.


So…This is Embarassing

preps the soilHere at Plants On Deck, there’s often a lag between garden-related activity and garden-related post. That lag is usually a day or two (or a week or so), at most. In this case, um, exactly a month has passed.


But hey, it’s been cold. And life happens. But you haven’t missed much, honest. The Peas ‘n a Pot, Rhubarb Swiss chard (POD decided to go with red as an accent color this year and tends to have better luck with red chard over white, anyway), and lettuce that are shown here have only just sprung and the radishes will be ready for plucking any day.

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that’s enough
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