More Stinky News

From Rutgers:

Thank you for posting a sighting of BMSB on our website. We are collecting specimens for research on the spread of this invasive species. If possible, please send live specimens to the address below (Attn: BMSB Sightings). Containers such as plastic medicine bottles or film containers work well.

For answers to many common questions please see our new FAQ Section:

For control recommendations please see the link below. If you have any further questions feel free to email them.

Thank you

Bug Mystery Solved, Unfortunately

Thanks to Plants on Deck’s gardening buddy BH and the magical Rutgers Cooperative Extension, the mystery has been solved.

BH commented, “They also look not unlike the malicious Brown Marmorated Stink Bug which Brendan Skwire over at Brendan Calling wrote about for City Paper earlier this year. If so, sound the alarms!”

POD’s little pesties looked precisely like the creepy crawlies featured in Skwire’s CP article and hatched forth from a clutch of precisely 28 eggs…just as Rutgers suggested.

Consider the alarm sounded. The sighting has been reported and photos have been forwarded to Rutgers. Sigh.