Hey, PODders, let’s make this happen…

The Good People of the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association have high hopes for South Philadelphia High School. Let’s help make it happen. Visit Projexity to learn more and to donate.


“South Philadelphia High School has the potential to transform its concrete-dominated 5.5 acre urban campus into a beautiful and dynamic green environment, but we need your help! The development of a campus-wide Greening Master Plan and the employment of a Garden Coordinator are the first steps in enabling this historic institution to transform itself and establish a bold new precedent for public schools in Philadelphia. In the face of a crumbling public school system, you have the power to help us create innovative outdoor educational opportunities for South Philly High’s diverse student body and the greater community. Improvements will include an educational rooftop farm, outdoor classrooms and ground-level improvements like rain gardens and tree plantings aimed at empowering students and residents and fostering innovation. The community-driven project will demonstrate sustainable campus design strategies that address stormwater management, fresh food access, healthy eating and outdoor education. Thank you for your support!”


South Philly High Arboretum — Donate Now!

South Philly HighI’m totally cribbing this entry from an email a friend of mine sent to me a couple of weeks ago:
It’s raining, it’s pouring and there’s a special gardening project that I’m really excited about. Help create and arboretum at South Philadelphia High School by donating those Recyclebank points that you’ll never use anyway!
The SPHS arboretum project is especially great for three reasons:
  1.  It’s totally student designed
  2. It will feature native plants grown in Philly at Bartam’s Garden, America’s first botanic garden
  3. It will add some much needed natural beauty in a neighborhood otherwise lacking in green space
 So, dust off that Recyclebank login and password and donate some points before March 15! For every 250 points donated, the project will receive $1… so please give freely. There’s only one day left to reach the goal. Plus, if you’re able to donate 2,000 points or more,the Streets Department will gift you a jumbo recycling container.
Here’s the link to donate those points.
Spread the word!