This Will Go Down in Your Permanent Record, Part I

It’s Just a Habit: part one in a series of notes for POD 2011

Some Sign to Pursue a Promise…
This year’s targeted plants on deck date (April 20) proved to be a little early. Each year promises are made that this will be the year that POD’s minder demonstrates restraint and won’t submit tender seedlings to the elements before those elements are ready for them.

Next year’s targeted drop date for the important stuff is May 7-21.  Which, conveniently, will fall on what one hopes will be a lovely spring weekend.

So, what does that mean in terms of a POD 2011 seed-starting timeline?
(First, find some real, honest-to-goodness seed-starting mix.)
February 12: romanesco (on deck March 19)
March 26: tomatoes, peppers, and herbs (on deck May 7)
April 16: cucumbers and melons (on deck May 14-21)

March 12: kale, turnips
March 19: lettuce, radishes, carrots
April 2: chard
May 7: beans


Planting Fever

Each week (or so) we have a few friends over for dinner, and while I was busy stirring POD’s thai chilies into the evening’s much-delayed lemongrass curry, our dear friend began asking all sorts of interesting gardening questions.

Clearly he’s caught the gardening bug. Poor thing.

He came to his addiction late, though, and is wondering what the heck he can still plant now that daylight is on the wane and Philadelphia has turned into the soupy humid swamp that is late July.

So, dear friend, here are a few suggestions for July, who knows, you just may see them sprouting up on deck soon. Let’s give it a whirl together:

Brussels Sprouts (October-December harvest)
(December-March harvest) — Look for the following varieties: Needles and Purple Cape
Parsnips (November-December harvest)

Check back in a couple of weeks and see what works for August sowing.