Healthy (for now) Tomato Plants

Oh, the tomato. You know, Philly’s not so far from Jersey — you’d think I could grow a decent tomato. I have, but only rarely. I’m convinced it was a fluke. In the coming weeks you’ll see plenty of posts detailing my obsession with the wicked fruit. Here’s proof that the lovely Isis Candy is, for now, healthy. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Isis Candy5_09 This year,  rather than attempting full-size fruits (for a bevy of reasons that I’m sure I’ll moan about later), I’m focusing on a variety of cherry tomatoes including a yellow Tumbling Tom, Chocolate Cherry, Gold Nugget, and the lovely Isis. Although I generally try to buy my seeds locally I found a nice selection at Territorial Seeds.

Does anyone have any tomato-rearing suggestions for me?


2 thoughts on “Healthy (for now) Tomato Plants

  1. Your seedlings look great! This year I successfully resisted the temptation to put my seedlings out during the first warm spell and waited until the temps had stabilized to a low of around 50-55. Honestly, I probably should have waited even longer. Fungus is one of my primary enemies and putting your guys out too early makes them even more susceptible. Good luck.

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