And Then it Got Cold

POD can’t take credit for the shrink-wrapped tomatoes (thanks Diana), but when the National Weather Service lets you down (predicted overnight lows of 48 became 38 — overnight), drastic measures are called for. The wrap’s coming off this morning, but the past few days have been gusty and cold. Whaddya’ gonna’ do?

You've gotta' love the Asian Market

Tomato Protection
Plastic Wrapped Tomatoes
Snug as a bug.

2 thoughts on “And Then it Got Cold

  1. Oh hey, you used the Saran Wrap trick! I hope it worked out for you. And you used it on the tornado-shaped cages, but I think you did a better job than I did. Those were harder to wrap.

    It also sounds like you had the same temperature plunge that we did. Things were going so well, but once again I got forcibly reminded that you can’t put certain plants outside until Mid-may! How many times do I have to learn that, do you think? 😉

    1. I am so right there with you. It’s been a chilly May. One the bright side, my lettuce is loving it.

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