Mystery Melon

Charentais, maybe.
Charentais, maybe.

So, last year Plants On Deck fell in love with a certain farmer’s Charentais melons. In a fit of exuberance, seeds were saved and joined the rest of the crew on the little blue deck.

Since then, much research was conducted about saving seeds. And stuff was learned. Like, um, melons cross-pollinate in the fields quite easily. Yeah, bees. Forgot about that. We also know our farmer guy grows lots of delicious varieties. Which means, my mystery melon (let’s just assume the late bloomer was the Charentais) may be a mutt of sorts. Which means there’s a decent chance it’s not going to produce Charentais melons. Or much at all.

So, I guess there’s still some mystery lingering around, after all.


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