Popped Potatoes

french fingerling potatoesJust a few weeks ago, the French fingerlings emerged. Finally. It’s amazing what three weeks, a little Bennett Compost, and some natural rain can do.

Plants on Deck enjoyed some much-needed attention on Friday  and these potatoes were first up on the to-do list. As they had shot up from no inches to eight inches in just 14 days, it was time for the first application of additional dirt.

A layer of compost and potting soil was gently hilled around the potatoes, covering 2/3 of the exposed plant, leaving just a few inches exposed.  And wouldn’t you know it? Just four days later and they need (make that “desperately need”) another hilling.

french fingerling potatoes

Which means the stroller’s going to be doubling as a wheelbarrow tonight.

Note to future self: the deeper the container, the better!french fingerling potatoes


2 thoughts on “Popped Potatoes

  1. I hear ya! I’ve been having to hill mine every other day! Mine are in containers and I planted them at the bottom (3 in of soil 1st) by the time they get to the top, growing season should be done (I hope!). They look great

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